Reading Music: Note Values and Time Signature

But before we jump into scales, we should get a full understanding of how to read the pulse and rhythm of  music.  These are chiefly conveyed in notation by note (and rest) values and the time signature.

I don't think I would be adding any value to the internet by trying to write about these things, as this information is already clearly explained elsewhere online.   Check JustinGuitar's site for a nice explanation of note and rest values.  I have written more about time signatures here.

If you will like to get a much fuller understanding of these and other basic tenets of music theory, buy Music Theory for Dummies, by Michael Pilhofer and Holly Day.

Or, if guitar is your instrument of choice, pick up this instead.  It includes the basics from the above book, plus A LOT more.

I really recommend the "For Dummies" series of books on the topics of learning music.  These do much more than cover the basics; they cover a lot of info and present it in a clear and easily understandable way. This Guitar All-in-One volume covers just about everything you would ever need to know for playing guitar, in many styles of music.  I guess the point of the for Dummies title, is that once you read these books you certainly will be no dummy- you'll be well educated on the topic instead!

Tune in again here soon to learn all about scales and more.  I hope you have a harmonious day!

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