Cordoba Protege Ukulele Review

I bought the Protégé by Cordoba U1 Concert Ukulele on a whim, because I fell in love with it at the guitar store.  It was a fabulous price, and was obviously a quality, well made instrument.  And I loved the sound, even though I didn't know how to play it!  I hadn't planned to play ukulele, so I had no idea of the tuning or chord shapes for this precious little baby instrument, but I was compelled to take it home with me.

I gave it to my husband as a spontaneous surprise gift; I figured I was less likely to be in trouble for such a spur of the moment purchase when it was for him, and I figured we could take turns and see how we liked it.

Well, taking turns didn't work well as it was way too much fun to share! I went back to the store on the very next day, and bought another one so we both could play.  (I knew Cordoba was a good choice, but decided to try another model from this maker, rather than us have two just alike.  I'll review that one here, too).

About the Protege, this ukulele is particularly sweet.  It is solid mahogany, with a satin finish, meaning there is no laminate coating here.  This ukulele is pretty in an understated and natural way.  The abalone rosette is simply elegant.  The simple look is uncluttered by any binding, just the lovely satin brown mahogany and classic shape stand out when looking at this lovely ukulele.

My Mr. says that mellow is the word he would use to describe the charm of this uke.

He loves this ukulele

Sweet is definitely the word that best describes its tone; it sounds bright (yet mellow) and special.  The one we have gets to buzzing a little when it is really played, but it is a nice buzz, like the ukulele is singing along to accompany itself.  I know this is caused by the comfortable, super low action (action is the amount of space between the strings and the fretboard) on this easy to play sweetie.  I think this gentle buzz could be easily eliminated by raising the action a little, but he enjoys the subtle vibration that comes through. 

For the price, I don't think you could beat this uke in quality or appeal and I recommend the Protégé by Cordoba U1 Concert Ukulele as a bargain entry level ukulele that performs with sweet style.

If you don't have your ukulele yet, do yourself a favor and click over to Amazon and buy one of these now!  You will be so glad you did and you will love your ukulele too.

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